My novels – Chesaw (Detective Ryan Tyler book two)

Chesaw – Book two in the Detective Ryan Tyler series

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Wounded in the line of duty, Las Vegas Metro homicide detective Ryan Tyler is on paid medical leave, convalescing at his family cabin in the remote wilderness of northeastern Washington State, in Okanogan County.

When the Okanogan County Sheriff arrives at the cabin one sunny morning, Tyler is stunned to hear of the murder of a friend of his, Doc Ramsay. Doc’s body is found dumped at the foot of the biggest gold mining operation in the state, and the head of security at that mine – Vincent Adams – once threatened to kill Doc.

The sheriff asks for his help and a reluctant Tyler finally agrees. After seeing the inept job of the detectives on the case, he’s glad he does…until his actions put him in hot water with his own department.

While investigating the case, both with the sheriff’s office, and on his own, Tyler balances the case, a new relationship, and his troubles with LVMPD, all while uncovering a stunning revelation that will shock the world and put the little town of Chesaw on the map forever.

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