My novels – The Fortress

Sam Cohen is a Jewish professor of history at the University of Michigan. He’s intelligent, well-educated, and a respected lecturer. His outwardly pleasant, relaxed demeanor hides a dark personal history…a tale of misery and torture that began during the Holocaust, and ended with the hate-inspired murder of his wife just eight years ago.

When Sam falls asleep on his couch in present-day Ann Arbor and wakes up in a prison cell at the notorious Fortress at Landsberg am Lech in Germany, he has no idea why he’s there…until he discovers the year is 1924 and he’s incarcerated with Landsberg’s most infamous prisoner of all time, Adolf Hitler.

Now, Sam, with the help of his good friend, Calvin Moreland, and the beautiful and intelligent Olivia Valentina, a psychologist who finds herself falling in love with the troubled and broken traveler, must figure out not only why he’s shifting in time, but how to go about stopping the most evil tyrant in the history of mankind, responsible for unfathomable death and destruction. Killing Hitler is not as easy or straightforward as it seems. Not only is he guarded physically, surrounded by doting sycophants willing to lay down their lives for the future Fürher, but Calvin Moreland, himself a history professor with a deep knowledge of Nazi Germany and World War Two, tells Sam that murdering Hitler may bring about the destruction of the world.

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