My novels – Transient


David Sands is on the run from the police, living on the streets of Las Vegas and spiraling down into the pitfalls of the homeless lifestyle. He’s alone and lost, sinking into the challenges of alcoholism and wallowing in his own misery, when he suddenly witnesses a brutal murder. A trained observer in his former life, this murder sparks something in him – a desire to be an upstanding citizen that has long lain dormant.

Unable to go to the police, Sands tracks down the murderer himself. When he finds something he recognizes in the murderer’s possession, something he himself used to own, everything changes. Suddenly this murder takes on a personal meaning for him, and a thread begins to unravel, leading him back to a tragedy in his former life, the key to solving a crime that he’s been accused of, the crime that sent him on the run in the first place – the murder of his wife and young son.

As Sands tracks the murderer and his victim, he uncovers a plot that has implications well beyond his little corner of Las Vegas. Implications that extend all the way to the level of national security. In order to solve the murders he’s been accused of, he’ll have to dig into his own past and that of his murdered wife, and as he does so, he begins to untangle the complicated knot of a vast conspiracy that affects the future of the entire country.

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