My novels – The Mogul’s Daughter

On a bleak, frigid night, with a massive snowstorm brewing on the horizon, Ericka Barlow speeds across the Nevada high desert with her boyfriend, Spencer Carey. Exhausted from the drive, they stop in the small mountain town of Austin, Nevada—and walk right into the middle of a ruthless kidnapping. Held against their will in a small conference room while their callous captors execute some unknown, nefarious plot, Ericka, Spencer, and the other victims—motel owners Gordon and Eleanor Leight and fellow travelers Andrew Young and Charlie Cooper—must figure out what their kidnappers want and, most importantly of all, how to get away from their clutches. Devising a daring escape plan, Ericka prepares to go through the wall and out into the snowy, wintry night in an attempt to find help. Before she flees, Charlie leaves her with a cryptic warning: “No matter what happens, don’t tell Spencer.” Ericka flees into the snowy mountains, scrambling through the dark forest, pursued by the kidnappers with Charlie’s veiled, confusing admonition echoing in her head. As she struggles to escape, she realizes for the first time in her life that she alone is responsible for her own safety, and that in order to survive this night, she will have to rise up and conquer both her fears and the demons of her past.